How to Sell Arcade Games

Selling arcade games can be a profitable venture. Many pawn shops and used game stores offer top dollar for vintage arcade games. Listing an arcade game on Craigslist may also provide ample potential buyers, as the site allows users to post in multiple cities. Regardless of where the arcade game is sold, having the item appraised before asking for a price will ensure you’re selling the item for a reasonable fee.

Sell Arcade Games

    Take the arcade game to a pawn shop or used game store. Pawn shops sell a variety of electronics. Be prepared to haggle with the proprietors over price, however. Consider asking for more than the arcade game is worth, as pawn shops typically low-ball, or otherwise offer significantly less than the item was worth initially. Used game stores are another great option for selling arcade games. These stores are knowledgeable about gaming systems and should be able to offer a good price for what the game is worth.

    Sell the arcade game in a garage sale. Advertise for the garage sale in advance to notify potential buyers that the item is for sale. List item specifications on the advertisement to increase buyer interest. If possible, include a recent picture of the item.

    Post the item on Craigslist. Create an account with Craigslist using your email address. Then, list the item in as many cities as you want. The more cities the item is listed in, the more potential buyers you’ll have.

Tips & Warnings

  • Detail the item before taking pictures or selling it.

  • Don’t list personal information on Craigslist.

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