How to Play a Family Feud Game Online

For many years families have been entertained on television by watching Family Feud. They’ve tried to guess the correct responses to a question posed to 100 people. While you can still catch the game on television, you now have the chance to get in on the action by learning how to play the Family Feud game online.

    Find a site on which to play. There are a number of different game sites where the Family Feud game is featured which will allow you to play. Some of the most popular sites for playing Family Feud can be found at the bottom of this article.

    Once you find a site on which to play Family Feud it is important that you register as a member, since generally this is the only way you are allowed to play the game. Of course since you will most likely want to be playing frequently you should come up with a username and password that is easy to remember or simply choose the option to remain logged in at all times.

    After creating a membership to the site, you can then find the Family Feud game. While you may be dying to actually play the game, it can be beneficial to you to read the rules and how to play beforehand. This is especially true if you switch between different sites since different controls and rules may be in effect.

    You can launch the game when you are ready to play after you have informed yourself on what to do. For most onlineFamily Feud games the question will appear along with a time limit, and you will have to type in your answer. Then just as they do on the actual show, the tile will flip over if it is correct or buzz a red “x” on your screen if you are wrong.

    Play continues as above until you get to the bonus round. Since playing the traditional way as they do on TV isn’t very feasible when playing on the computer, they allow you to pick the number one answer for the end question. You score points based on how your choice ranks among the other answers.

    After playing the final round, your score will be displayed. While you do have the opportunity to post it for others to see on some sites, chances are you will want to return to the game and beat it yourself. You can do that by clicking the play button again.

Tips & Warnings

  • Gather your family or friends when you decide to play Family Feud online as this can make it more exciting rather than simply playing by yourself.

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